how to not throw up after a day of drinking?!

Question: How to not throw up after a day of drinking?
please help. i know it was foolish to drink so much. i had about 2 cans of four lokos and i just feel like dying. ive already thrown up like four times. please help me. what can i do besides drinking a lot of water? 10 pts to best answer.


4 lokos will definitely do that to you... especially 2 of them (unless your a raging alcoholic you might survive 2 of them unscathed).

first lesson, don't get so drunk... second lesson, don't get so drunk with 4 lokos (the cheaper the alcohol is, the worse the hangover often will be)... 3rd lesson, drink water and eat before, during, and after getting drunk...

not a lot you can do now, just a matter of toughing it out. i've had similar hangovers that last for hours the next morning, and had to puke every 15-20 minutes because my body hated me. but that only happens when i get smashed on crap, and hasn't happened in a long time... the older you get the more mature you will be with drinking, and will learn to avoid these time of situations

Water is very good the next day after you drink because your body is dehydrated but if your throwing up sick after drinking that night then do not drink water...weird but true, water actually enhances nausea (ask any doctor). I advise sprite or actually pepsi or coke before water when your throwing up sick and do not over drink or overeat anything, eat crackers or bread.
Sleep sleep sleep lol take advil and do nothing and when you feel up to it try taking a bath.
That really sucks, try drinking a little less next time, and good luck hope you start feeling better soon!

experience haha

1st change your liquor.
2nd drink water before you start drinking
3rd don't drink on an empty stomach
4th if you feel like you have to vomit, DO IT and get it all out of your system. That way you can control where and when.

I think they have something in the pharmacy against hangovers. But the best advice I can give you, is get some sleep. You will be okay after a few hours of sleep.


Koreans are known to drink so much. My friend drink like crazy but his mom always makes this for him and he feels fine afterwards.
Try it…
Good luck!

I don't think you can control this. Drink to much is really bad for healthy.

Eat carbs SIP water

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