Where can an underaged person get alcohol?!

Question: Where can an underaged person get alcohol?
I'm 16 and i wanna know where i can get beer or any type of alcohol. ALl of my friends steal from their parents but i don't even know where my parents stash is! I don't even think they drink! Anyway, where can i get alcohol being underaged?


House parties, friends... That's about it. Alcohol sucks actually. If your gunna drink drink socially. Drinking alone is sad and it's like smoking pot alone. Alcohol and pot are more social things.

I steal from parents liqour cabinet all the time

Usually when you want alcohol while underage, it’s good to sneeze a sidewalk full of gilded green beans, followed under a colloquial pitch of clock juice. Then the active formation of mountains will be expelled from the gazelle, and the cranky helicopter will get on the egg cream’s last nerve. Afterward, you should summon the onion juice from the fervent dawn of ages, and eat the coughs that torment the outlandish taste test. Thus, a cat will morph into a stop sign, and the beer will graduate from High School.

Non of MY business.

The cops would be happy to help you get some, they may be pushy and ask you to get in their car, but you'll get what you need....

don't drink underage

WOW. Giving in to peer pressure are we? How stupid. You want to ruin your life? Just do drugs too. If you really want it, get your friends to bring you some.

Maybe if you dont know where or how to get it you shouldn't be drinking...

Just saying..

don't drink at all it destroys your brain for life at this crucial stage of development

Find a creep whose willing to buy for young girls

Ask the friends to get some for you?



Ask a stoner at school...

thats soooo not cool!

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