I need to drink more water!!?!

Question: I need to drink more water!!?
I drink plenty of milk, and a lot of tea, but I dont drink enough water apparently. I just dont like it! I bought a bottle the other day and forced myself to drink all of it but it wasnt easy. My mom says to put lemon slices in it, but that doesnt work, it still tastes like nasty deluted lemon and watery water. any suggestions on how to drink more water?


I have the same problem. But I force myself. Also, this might sound weird but try carbonated water like perrier. It is less boring than water. I try it and it makes me thirsty for regular water when I drink enough of it.

Buy those little powder packets down the koolaid isle and your local grocery store
it's still water but it just flavors it so you can endure it =]

or drink gatorade..

I know what you mean!
It seems like every time i drink water i get this sickish feeling afterwords

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