2 shots of alcohol effect?!

Question: 2 shots of alcohol effect?
I've never drank before and i weigh 100 pounds, and i have had 2 shots whats the effect? also, where i can i get alcohol?


2 shots is nothing. If you want to drink stick with wine or malt liquor/beer. Don't drink beer that is 3%. That is just pointless. Hard liquor burns, some burn less, but pretty much all taste like ****.

Depends on the type of alcohol and the percentage of alcohol. Beer is like 3% but you don't take shots of beer. Things you take shots of are like 26% or higher. 100 lbs? How old r u? If your young don't b stupid and drink. Oh and alcohol burns your throat a lot like stinging. Some ppl like that. You get it at a liquor store you have to be over 18 with identification

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