Should I drink some Pine-Sol?!

Question: Should I drink some Pine-Sol?
At school the other day, some girls I was talking to said that I smelled bad. I am thinking about drinking some Pine-Sol to smell like a pine forest. Also, they said that I was dirty. I have this one really annoying birth-mark that I think I will use some Clorox bleach on. This is a serious question. Please answer me.


well if you drink pine sol, you're going to smell like floor mop.
if you clean your birth mark with clorox, you may want to iron it with startch while you are at it, too...

have you think about brooming your hair??

Pin Sol is poisonous and bleach is corrosive (it will burn your skin). You can brush your teeth with toothpaste and if you have no mouthwash in the house and your breath still smells bad you can gargle with a mix of baking soda and water 1 spoon of baking soda and a small glass of water. You can also chew on parsley or celery and that will also help. As far as your birth mark goes you are special, not everyone has them, you may come to love it when you get older. Tell these girls they are bullies and try not to take it to heart.

I think instead of both of those maybe you should seek medical attention from your dr. or maybe even a counselor because if someone telling you that you smell is making you want to poison yourself then maybe you have bigger underlying problems. No pine-sol wont make you smell like a rain forest but can potentially be fatal depending on how much you consume. consuming even a tiny bit is harmful and bleach on your skin again seek medical help with bleach as well just by applying it to your skin is again potentially harmful because it soaks in through your pores and can enter into the blood stream once again putting yourself at risk of poisoning yourself is any stupid comment made by a girl worth that. Use deodorant, buy some axe( really strong) and stay away from your mom's cleaning cabinet.

Someone in their right state of mind

Nah, you got it backwards- pine-sol is for the skin and Clorox is for drinking. The pine-sol is a little harsh so you might want some lotion later, but the bleach is a base rather than an acid so it can't hurt you

Don't use any of those chemicals they can make you very sick. maybe shower more often or ignore the people who say you smell bad. Good luck.


take a shower, get deodorant, brush your teeth, use mouthwash, brush your hair, shave, and clean up your look. youll do just fine then


Neither would work. One would poison you and the other would irritate your skin

Yes drink the whole bottle you smelly jew

You'll die

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