how / where can i hide my pot?!

Question: How / where can i hide my pot?
okay, so i've done it a few times but i want to a lot more. problem is, i've got no place to hide it in my own home. my mom opens my drawers like every 4 days. i do have drawers under my bed, but thats where i keep my medical card / family photos so if someone ever goes in there i'm done. my mom is very liberal and supports legalization, but if she found out i did it, i don't know what she'd think of me. my dads a whole nother story. so my question is what can i do and where can i hide it.

i don't need people saying it's bad for you because i've already come to the conclusion that it's not and it's not even your business.


Put it all in a flashlight. You can get one from a dollar store if you dont have one. Just put a battery on top. Or tell em.....its legal for you now. And its better for your body then alcohol and cigarettes.

They have pretty cheap hide compartments in Dr. Pepper cans and Shaving cream-- look for them at your local head shop. you can unscrew plates for light switches and stuff it in there. Generally, hiding it in plain sight is pretty effective. I don't mean right laying on your desk, I mean stuffed into a gum wrapper/container or stuck between your mattress and box spring. Be creative

Drugs impurify the mind- Matisyahu

Oh my goodness Dylan, if you can't figure this one out you probably should just flush it.

Im going to be honest, although maybe not realistic. If you're young enough to where your mom goes through your room, you should not be smoking any pot. While pot is very safe for most people over 18, and especially people over 25, there are some indications that if you take pot before age 18, you can raise the risk of triggering really awful psychological disorders like schizophrenia later in life. it makes you all around moody, bipolar and a desire to smoke more. Basically, it impacts your maturation and emotional/psychological developmental mental process if you smoke alot before your 20s. I believe in legalization, but not for kids under any circumstance. Just about any "hacking of the wetware (brain), including some drugs, is just never as good of an idea as just letting yourself grow up drug free so when you party as an adult, your risk of getting hurt or addicted is much lower.

I used to hide mine behind the fridge in the basement because there was a secret crack on the side Lmao, before that I put it at the top ledge in the garage, and also inside an old super nintendo, have you ever bought those collectible toy cars, the life Luke cars with working doors and hoods and trunk, that was my favorite, also I never had more than a dimebag at home. Also you can use tape and tape it under the bed, not under the mattress but like under the bed and tape it to the boxpring at the bottom, put some regular tape, if the weed stinks put it in the plastic from a cigarette box and then tape it real good and hide under the bed or somewhere creative lol. I'm kind of regretting writing this but oh well have fun.

I would suggest you hide your pot in the pot (toilet) then flush it and never use it again. It's a very dangerous habit and it can lead to other drugs that can destroy your life.

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