Poll: What are some sweet wines?!

Question: Poll: What are some sweet wines?
i like sweet tasting wines and was wondering what are some different types of sweet tasting wines?


Sauternes is as about as good as it gets. Quite pricey though. In fact the top end stuff is extremely pricey. Superb raisin like flavour though. Recommend you give it a go. If you want something a little cheaper and a bit less intense, try Brown Brothers (Australian) Orange Muscat and Flora. This is light easy drinking sweet wine with a very pleasant flavour.


Chateau D`Quem Sauternes, is the best but any good Sauternes, Muscat de Beaumes de Venice, Tokay, Muscat, Brown Brothers "Orange Muscat and Flora" there are hundreds to choose from, ask the shop keeper, if he`s any good, he`ll recommend some

I like Mead. It is a honey wine that is as old as time itself. It comes in a number of types, some are a bit drier than other. Some are mixed with grape also.


Very tasty, ever so slightly effervescent.

riesling, lambrusco

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