Help! What happened to me last night after drinking?!

Question: Help! What happened to me last night after drinking?
Last night, I was out with friends and had two mixed drinks over a two hour time period in a busy bar. After the first drink, I was a little buzzed. I had a few sips of the second drink before I was slammed with the "spinning" feeling and asked the bartender for a water.My friends sat with me and I drank lots and lots of water and never vomited, but my symptoms don't seem consistent with what I've heard about "date rape" drugs.
-I was extremely anxious and hyper vigilant, dysphoric
-I had pinpoint pupils from what I was told that didn't seem to react to changes in light
-I did not pass out.
-I was shaking/shivering and extremely cold. My jaw was chattering in almost an "automatic" way.
-I was crying a lot (which is embarrassing because I'm not a big crier).
-I felt like I couldn't communicate how I was feeling and felt like I was bouncing all over the place when speaking.
BUT, as quickly as this had come on at the bar hours earlier, I started to feel better about half an hour after I got to my friend's house (about 2.5 hours from when this all started, but it was very blurry and I remember it going by faster). Within an hour, I was completely back to normal, and apparently my pupils had improved significantly as well. I became very tired and slept for ten hours (a lot more than I usually do). I do have an uneasy stomach today as well and I'm very tired.

I do not have a history of anxiety or panic attacks or any other mental illness. I also don't use recreational drugs so I wouldn't even know where to start with identification.I did not take any medications before going out.


sounds like they might have drugged you with something but definitely not GHB or any other date rape drug...all date rape drugs would never give anxiety or make you feel cold... definitely a drug of some sort alcohol would NOT do that...if I had to guess the symptoms are much more similar to PCP, hope u feel better!

I shave studied tons of drugs and their effects on the brain

Possibly, 2 drinks would not make you shiver. Maybe your "friend" decided to make a move?

Did someone drug you? Sounds like it

You described the effects of more than 3 drugs...It wouldn't make sense for some to drug you with a weird combination of multiple drugs.
The bouncing all over the place when talking is reminiscent of psycadelic-hallucinogen drugs, but you did not hallucinate.
You were bouncing all over the place, so you weren't sedated or traquilized.
Your pupils would have dilated if it were MDMA.
It wasn't GHB since you had lots of energy.

It could be DXM- from cough syrup. Someone could have slipped you it.

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