How late can UK restaurants serve alcohol?!

Question: How late can UK restaurants serve alcohol?
i live above a trendy restaurant in london. recently, the management changed and things have gotten pretty bad. last night, at 1AM, two drunken customers left the restaurant and started having sex in the ally way in front of the door to my flat. i asked them to please stop, and then they became angry and aggressive.

the manager said they can serve alcohol until whenever they want because they also serve food.

is this correct?


According to "The Licencing Act 2005" amendment, all licensed premises MUST display their hours of opening and closing, and also MUST lodge same with the licencing authority (local court/magistrates) local Council, the police, ambulance service, fire brigade, child welfare dept, and keep a copy of them "in house" with plans of the building to all the above too, IF the new owners have not lodged the aforesaid details you can apply to the relevant authorities and have them closed down..many people who take over licensed premises fail to do this, as they think that all the details are already lodged, but each time a business changes hands, all the details have to be`s worth checking to see if you can close them down..other than that..get a video camera and make a fortune either from the people you tape..or You Tube !!!

they can serve alcohol until the restaurant closes

contact ur local council

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