Parents of teens how do you teach your kids about alcohol?!

Question: Parents of teens how do you teach your kids about alcohol?
Seriously do you tell them the legal defination of drunk, or drunk by actions? Do they know someone who has an outright problem with drinking? Do they see you drink, in a way you feel is responisble? Other ideas? My 13 year old and I have talked about it often, but I am a non-drinker as is my husband.


Introduce them to drink at an early age so they realise that it's no big deal. I had my first glass of wine at 5 years of age (in France where there is no age restriction) and I learnt to enjoy alcohol in moderation from then on. By the time I was old enough to buy alcohol in England (18) I had had plenty of experience of drinking all kinds of drinks was well able to use alcohol properly.

Keeping children isolated from alcohol until they are 21 (as in the USA) and expecting them then to start drinking responsibly without any experience or training is as stupid as it would be to keep children from driving until 21, and then letting them go on the roads untrained and unsupervised.

If you are a non-drinker then, just as if you were a non-driver, you are maybe not the best person to train your child in the use of alcohol, I fear. Maybe you could enlist the aid of a sensible and mature friend.

64 years of drinking.

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