How will drinking underage effect growth/developing?!

Question: How will drinking underage effect growth/developing?
I know it hurts the liver and all that. I just wonder what else could happen? Like how would it effect developing/growth when young and drinking?


Moderate alcogol consumption has no harmfull effects. Socially is allows children to grow up and underastand that alcohol, like any other substance one consumes, is fine in moderation, bad in excess.

it doesn't do anything. except maybe postively affect a person's alcohol tolerance when they're older. i.e., kids in europe are smarter about drinking when they're older than kids in america because they grew up around it, so they don't binge all the time and end up blacked out in a pile of vomit.

alcohol can suppress hormones that are responsible for growth. and it can also affect neurons in the brain that are responsible for some functions such as coordination. you can look it up in the internet, or ask your doctor.

Stunts penile development.

I know it effects your eyes because when i was younger and got drunk even ugly women looked good to me

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