How long will weed stay in my system?!

Question: How long will weed stay in my system?
im 5'11,,skinny and 127 lbs... i workout and run daily and on top of that i dtink alot of water. how long will weed stay in my system? i know it depends on how much you smoke but just in general...?


It can stay in your fat cells for up to a few weeks if you're a chronic smoker, with a slow metabolism. If you smoke every now and then(maybe a few times a month), and have a fast metabolism it can stay from 2 days to a week. My sister once took a drug test the day after mardi gras and passed lol she's not a pot head though.

It can stay in your hair for months, but most don't test that.

It really depends on the quality and type aswell. It could vary from hour to the WHOLE ******* NIGHT

usally it takes 3-4 hours

in your blood for about 3 months (varies per person) your hair.. forever until you cut it off xD

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