Is alcohol ever spiked extra at the bar or are juices ever contaminated or spoiled in mixed drinks?!

Question: Is alcohol ever spiked extra at the bar or are juices ever contaminated or spoiled in mixed drinks?
Do Bartenders ever spike drinks without the customer knowing?
Me and a couple buddies went to this local bar in the city, a popular one, in a safe place, that has a bar downstairs and a roof top bar upstairs. We think the bartender might have spiked a shot that we ordered. I only ordered one shot, and we split a pitcher of bud light before the shot. I had drunk a couple beers before the bar, but only had that one Washington Apple shot and one draft beer from the pitcher. One of my buddie's didn't have that much either before the bar and at the bar, and the other buddy didn't either. We all felt so out of it after we left the bar after an hour or so. I couldn't remember much, and my other 2 buddies threw up in a trash can in my car. One of my buddie's only had one beer from the pitcher and a shot or 2 and didn't drink before the bar, so he was good to drive, but still felt sick. I mean I have not or we have never acted that way before after drinking those few things. I've held my stuff in before like that when we are just drinking at the house, and I'll always remember what happened, but I felt like I was extra drugged that night along with my 2 other buddie's, so do some bartenders spike drinks with more alcohol without the customers knowing? This is a well-known and a safe bar in the city. Both my buddie's that were there threw up after the bar, and I was feeling out of it like I haven't before. And, we normally drink like this occasionally, and have never felt the way we did. Maybe one of us will get sick, but not all of us. And one of my buddie's likes to get loud and party and have a good time, but he didn't get loud like he usually does. It's just weird that all of us were feeling the same way right when we left the bar.

We weren't at any party's before the bar, just watching wrestling before we went to the bar at my buddie's house. I wasn't really paying attention when the bartender made my Washington Apple Shot, and I downed it right away. Could beers from a pitcher be spiked 2? I drunk about equivalent to a 10 pack that whole night, but it's never that often, and I never get out of it like that, and neither do my buddies. So something must be wrong here if all 3 of us were out of it and felt the same after the bar? It was only 1 shot I had, and we each had the same shot, a Washington Apple. Given the circumstances it is a bit odd and sketcy that all of us would feel like this. At other bars I've drunk several shots and beers and never felt like I was druggged, and I never over do it.

I know in a Washington Apple, there is cranberry juice, and I read splash of 7 up along with Sour Schnapps and Crown Royal 1/3 oz of each, something like that. Do you think maybe the Cranberry Juice was contaminated or spoiled?, because me and my buddies have never felt the way we did leaving a bar like that before, and I'm not trying to blame the bartender, they are there to make the bar money, it's just that me and my buddie's have drunk like that before and have never felt out of it like we all did that night, and one of my buddie's doesn't hardly drink and got sick. We each had a Washington Apple and one or 2 beers. So, maybe something inside the cranberry juice of the Washington Apple was contaminated. I'm just saying from past experiences going to bars and the way each of us felt the same way that night, it's just strange.


i did not read your novel of a question but bars never give extra alcohol unless you pay for it - the drinks are usually too weak

Spiked a shot? you had shots of a non alcoholic beverage? I have never heard of such an odd thin nor would I pay for it if I had.

Regardless if they did that would be an expensive practice as the booze is almost guaranteed to cost more, why pay for unhappy costumers.

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