Whys is getting wrecked so much fun?!

Question: Whys is getting wrecked so much fun?
I just love getting wrecked last weekend I drank heaps and took shrooms as well as smoked a whole lot of weed and it was just awesome but why is getting wrecked so much fun?


for that reason - it's fun

It's fun when you're young, healthy and safe. It's rather less fun when you're in hospital rigged up to all sorts of tubes and gadgets because you have been in an accident, experienced alcohol poisoning or are simply suffering from liver-failure.

The good news is that, providing you survive long enough, you will grow up and grow out of your silly habits.

I don't personally think getting "wrecked" and puking everywhere is fun. Having a few drinks is fine but getting so drunk you can't even walk is so pathetic.

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