why do people say jack danials whiskey is sweet? it is harsh to me?!

Question: Why do people say jack danials whiskey is sweet? it is harsh to me?

Ethanol, or drinking alcohol, is described as "sweet" for some odd reason. Perhaps it's because it's not salty, sour, or bitter. I personally really dislike Jack Daniels whiskey, and I don't think you should feel pressured to say it's good when it's not. The flavor of burnt wood is overwhelming because it is aged in barrels burned on the inside, and it's allowed to drip through more charcoal. To me, the alcohol isn't as harsh as the nauseating wood flavor. That's why I prefer moonshine.

You aren't taking a small sip and just letting the flavor sit there on your tounge for a short while, by sweet they mean robust.

sweet is also a relative term... sweet for a whiskey is not gonna mean it tastes like candy.. it is still going to be "harsh"

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