Will I smell like beer the next morning?!

Question: Will I smell like beer the next morning?
I drunk a 6 pack of beer, and it's 11:45pm, and I don't have anymore beer. Will I smell like beer at 7:30 am in the morning if I change clothes and shower and eat? I don't drink all the time. Just a couple times a week. 7:30 is when I go into work. Beer has not affected my job preformance at all because I'm always dependable. Just wanted to have a few tonight.


youl be fine just shower and brush your teeth. and obviously change.

Oy! Chances are you will sweat it out of your pores. People will smell it three feet away, mate.

It all depends how drunk you were. How drunk did you feel? If you were total bawsed- you're goina stink beer no matter how nubby clean you scrub.

I think you should be okay! Don't forget to brush your teeth and have an extra cup of coffee in the morning to help sober up. :) Be careful though, you don't want drinking to begin affecting you job.

I think you're good, just shower, change cloths, if you have a cologne put it on. Alcohol goes away fast, and I think you're just a little buzzed and being paranoid.

I've never had any problem out of just a six pack, personally... Even after a 12 pack, no one has complained about a smell when I did it. If anything, people will notice bloodshot eyes if you've had too much. I say you'll be fine.

you certainly will

brush ur teeth mouthwash ur fine

shower etc

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