How to become a bartender ?!?!

Question: How to become a bartender ?!?
How do I work my way to the top?! and skipped bartending school I heard that it is a waste of time.
I want to become a bartender because I heard they earn alot of money and I prefer working in the night.
I heard that in gay/lesbians clubs I can earn of money as a bartender.


Get a job as a bar back and show initiative and interest in becoming a bartender. Practice making drinks. Be personable.

go to college and get your RSA certificate- Responsible service of alcohol from college
and get your RSG certificate- Responsible service of Gambling from college
get certificates, make a resume, take your resume into the clubs and ask for a job application
fill out a job application and attach your Resume
you can apply for a job with your RSA AND RSG

also go to college and get a hospitality certificate 3 or hospitality diploma certificate which can
improve your chances of geting a job and also gives you more experience

- i currently work at a club as a bar attendant, i know from experience

Do what I did.
Go apply and get a job.


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