How drunk would I get if I drank a whole bottle of the 99 proof blackberry liquor?!

Question: How drunk would I get if I drank a whole bottle of the 99 proof blackberry liquor?

At that strength of alcohol it would probably make you ill before you got very drunk.
Please don't let this go to the vote because if you do and my lot vote for me you'll upset Mr Meadows because he'll have top spend ages outvoting me - and that's if he doesn't report me first even though it failed last time !

No one can answer this with 100% certainty

Only you know your alcohol tolerance levels, plus how bit the bottle is, so only you know how drunk something gets you.

99 proof = 50% alcohol (as near as makes no difference) so 10 times the strength of a beer (again using simple figures)

So it will get you as drunk as 10 times that amount of beer would

If it were really 99% proof you would probably die from the action. Alcohol is a poison at suck concentrations. At least you would not suffer the hang over.

Id say about half an hour then you would vomit it all up and it taste worst the second time

You'll get fun drunk!

You'd be dead drunk.


how big is the bottle?

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