What drink was your first?!

Question: What drink was your first?
Personally, I don't drink. I have only been drunk about 4 times and I just don't enjoy it. Call me weird, but I guess I'm just 1 in a million! The first time I got drunk, I took 4 shots of Wild Turkey Whiskey. How was your first experience? What did you drink? How did the night end up? Did you like it? ...not too many details, I don't wanna know what your throw up looked like or anything...LOL!


Long Island Ice Tea....was 16 looked 18 or 19...took my 15 year old girlfriend to dinner and ordered away. I still remember it...quite funny now to look back. I'd hoped to get her a little buzzed ...seemed like a good idea at the time and she slept most of the way home...not the effect I'd been going for.

Wow your first drink was whiskey? My first drink was vodka and coke.. Hah I loved it but I got my hand burnt on a curling iron and got a really bad burn but it was still phone haah

Lucky Beer. Back when I was 13. Had an unreal time! just awesome, then puked all night.. pretty much what happens every weekend now haha.

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