In the UK can a 16 year old legally drink alcohol in a restaurant with their family/friends?!

Question: In the UK can a 16 year old legally drink alcohol in a restaurant with their family/friends?
I'm 16 and next time I go to my uncles restaurant I might want a couple of beers - which is why I'm asking. Plus would I be able to order a few shots of spirits if it is legal - it's not just light alcohol is it?


OK - Here goes

1) You can't ORDER the alcohol, it has to be bought by your parents or guardians

2) It has to be with parents/guardians, friends over 18 do not count

3) It only covers beer, wines & cider

4) You have to be having a full table meal

5) Just because it's legal under the law doesn't mean that the restaurant has to allow it.

EDIT: It makes no difference who owns the restaurant, no matter what another answerer has said .... The private residence, even if they live above the restaurant, does NOT cover any area that has an alcohol license ... What is done after hours comes under private residence, what happens while a license is in operation is 100% regulated by law

UK licensed doorman

Brought up in the pub/club trade

Friends in the industry

UK laws are very strict on when, and what, an U18 can drink ... And being in a family members restaurant is not legal defence to underage drinking

What everyone else has said - although it is relevant that the restaurant is your uncle's. As you will probably be in a a relative's private dwelling the rules might be different. Anyone over the age of fice can drink alcohol in the UK in a private house.

Yes .Someone over the age of 18 can buy beer, wine or cider for a 16 to 17 year-old to accompany a meal in a restaurant;…

its legal for a glass of wine with a meal, im not sure about anything else though, bst keep it on the down low with a hip flask

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