What are the best "investment wines" and how much do they cost?!

Question: What are the best "investment wines" and how much do they cost?
I just turned 21 and I am looking for a bottle of wine that will be delicious 20 years from now.Something to share with the people I love for special occaisions later in life?


You can get some French wines like Latour, Lafite, Margaux and Haut Brion. But there are very expensive and prices is different for each vintage.Other choice is to get some California wines like Harlan, Colgin, and Screaming Eagle, good luck.

Cheers :) and Happy B-day!

Marilyn Merlot collection is good

Get some ripple it ages well and could well fetch 50,000$ 20 years from now.

Get some Fred Sanford Ripple

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