Is their such thing as a weed cigar.?!

Question: Is their such thing as a weed cigar.?
I mean can u make a marijuana cigar with weed inside it and instead of a tobbacoo leaf, a marijuana leaf??? so you'll just be smoking up pure cannabis.


No its not called a blunt. Its literally called a cannabis cigar. I've never made one, they are too much effort to make. You'll see what i mean when you open the link.…

Marijuana leaves are too thin and small to be used to roll something up in. Maybe if they were somehow stuck together with an adhesive, but then you'd be smoking adhesive. Not good.

i was gonna say a blunt, but since it's all pot, how about a marijuana cigar

Yes, but you have to roll them inside a tobacco leaf. I've seen them smoked in Jamaica.

It's called a blunt

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