where does the calories come from in ethanol alcohol?!

Question: Where does the calories come from in ethanol alcohol?
I read that vodka gets it's calories from the ethanol not from carbs,fat ect.
there are none in vodka but where are the calories coming from?
I also read that ethanol eventually gets metabelized as carbon dioxide and water in the body how does that produce calories?


"There are none (ethanol) in vodka..." Of course there are.
What do you think alcohol is???
It's ETHANOL. That's its chemical name.
Ethanol is metabolized into glucose in the body thru the Krebs cycle, then finally into CO2 & H2O.
Glucose is where the calories come from.

Chemistry knowledge

Alcohol itself has a calorific value - that's why you can burn it - as you can burn fat or sugar. Everything that your body can digest gets burnt to provide energy and any foodstuff you consume in excess of your body's needs gets stored as fat - the only way that energy can be stored in a body.

Eat fat and any surplus is stored as fat; eat sugar and any surpuls is stored as fat; drink alcohol and any surplus is stored as fat.

Do you know what else gets metabolized into carbon dioxide and water? Both fat and sugar. Ethyl Alcohol has seven calories per gram, three more than glucose (a type of sugar). Take high school biology, you might learn a thing or two about how your body works.

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