How many shots of vodka before im drunk?!

Question: How many shots of vodka before im drunk?
Im 17 year old male, 5'9, weigh about 145 with mild alcohol tolerance. How many shots of absolut vodka would it take before Im drunk?


YOUR 17 you shouldn't be drinking at all but if your going to drink at least do your friends and family a favor and don't drive at all idc how many shots you take get hammered just DO NOT DRIVE!!! to many youths die every year because of this

Its pretty random, really depends on how much you ate that day, too. I've had around 10 shots on a full stomach and felt like I could drive ( don't, its just a drunk measurement tool, learnt the hard way.. ) haha. Then again I've been pretty drunk off around 6 or 7 empty stomach. I take pretty large shots though, pretty high tolerance. I weigh around 160, 5'11. I've had over 30 ( don't recommend it. deadly right there).. lmao.


It depends how long apart you take each shot. If you take it one after another then I say maybe 5-7 shots? But if you chill for 5-10 minutes between then maybe more. My friend got buzzed after taking 3 shots in a row in less than a couple of minutes. He rarely drinks so his tolerance is very low.

Depends on tolerance. One shot equals one beer and the skinnier you are the easier it is to get drunk.

Rough estimate of about 5

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