Vodka from Sweden vs Poland?!

Question: Vodka from Sweden vs Poland?
Which country makes better vodka?


While the origin of vodka cannot be pinpointed exactly, it has been traced to the area that is now present day Russia, Poland, Scandinavia, the Ukraine and Belarus. In Poland, vodka was created during the early Middle Ages, where it was used traditionally in medicine. Vodka in Russia was low on alcohol content in its early years and was actually called bread wine, as it was fermented using grains. By 1860, vodka was the drink of choice in Russia and during the same century it began to be produced en masse in Poland. Before the 1950s, vodka was not drunk much outside of Europe, where the spirit had spread and evolved mostly throughout the Vodka Belt. However, after 1975, it surpassed bourbon in consumption in the United States.

OK how you think if you read this Poland right

people will definitely have an opinion on this, but I bet they never watched the "Myth Busters" episode on Vodka. The premise was very simple. Can cheap vodka be made to taste like premium vodka at home?

1 Bottle top shelf Vodka (5 times filtered at least)
1 Bottle crap Vodka
1 Brita water filter pitcher

9 shot glasses lined up with the first 8 of crap vodka, shot glass one was straight crap, #2 was filtered once through Brita system, #3 twice through system, #4 three times, etc. until shot glass #9 which was top shelf out of the bottle.

Next, a blind folded panel of accredited Vodka tasters from top shelf manufacturers and the 2 hosts of the show for a "control" as they both area amateurs at best.
Each person took sips from each shot glass and arranged them in the order they thought it should be in according to smoothness.

You can probably guess the results.... Not one of the experts got the top shelf in the last spot. It wasn't even close. In fact, everyone had the top shelf no higher than 6. In EVERY case, the cheap filtered vodka placed 9,8., and 7

So you see, it doesn't matter and you can save a boatload of money

Svedka is great, very smooth, and pretty cheap, and its from Sweden
Belvedere is good, but extremely expensive, and its from Poland

i would vote on Sweden

That's like asking what is better, cat crap or dog crap.

Vodka is nothing more than rubbing alcohol. Can one country really make it better than another?


my favorite:



Russia then Poland, get potato vodka.

Polish Wódka

That's how they spell it there, dumbasses

sweden, its stronger

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