What other liquors compare to Captain Morgan's Private Stock?!

Question: What other liquors compare to Captain Morgan's Private Stock?
I recently turned 21 and have decided to become a connoisseur of liquors (speaking of which, is liquor bad for me, should I stay away from it?). I just bought one of my first liquors, Captain Morgan Private Stock, after trying Disaronno, Grand Marnier, Baileys, and CM Spiced Rum regular.

There seems to be so many options to choose from that it would take forever to buy a bottle of each and try them individually. Save me some time and suggest some liquors that stack up against CMPS...I was thinking of trying Sailor Jerrys next.

Btw, I don't like Mount Gay Rum or Bacardi 151, those tasted like gasoline. I think I am more into flavorful liquors. I'd appreciate any suggestions you can give me.


Krakken is the bomb.. can't go wrong with sailor jerrys tho

Sailor just make some good runs

sailor jerry make some good run

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