Is it safe to reuse plastice water bottles?!

Question: Is it safe to reuse plastice water bottles?
I drink a lot of water and always carry a bottle around with me. I do refill empty water bottles with tap water...but is it safe to do this over a prolonged period?


Get a glass bottle

Unless the bottles are made of substantial plastic, it's not safe to use them repeatedly or a prolonged period. Some of them are paper thin and I just toss them. There are health concerns about using plastic goods and bottles these days...Although some plastic goods claim BPA free, but I have replaced my plastic bottles with insulated metal ones in my car and to carry along on my walks.

I do all the time (and nothing has happened to me that I know of), but not with tap water.

The tap water is the problem since it contains chlorine, lead, giardia and cryptosporidium. I'm not sure what the last two are but they don't sound good.…

Personally, I feel like glass bottles are safer, since they don't break down in the dish washer.

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may be it is not pure water for your health. you have to carry big bottle. and you need not refill water bottle.

I do it all the time and Im not dead yet


I would say just use fresh water.

Get a glass bottle

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