Is it cool to show up at AA and just do the first step?!

Question: Is it cool to show up at AA and just do the first step?
"I'm an alcoholic"...and then leave.


dont call him cowardly. i personally do have problems with alcohol and i didnt see it as him making fun of me or my problems, i saw it as him making a joke, thats all

The first step states: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.

Having said that you do not "have" to do anything in AA. Everything they say is nothing more than suggestions that are given to people who have the desire and willingness.

You "can" say you are an alcoholic and then leave. No one would stop you. Although this seems rather silly.

The first step is something else entirely.

Nice try at mocking something you don't understand, though.

That's not the first step. You should be careful. The things you mock will always be the things you end up being.

Not really. Is it cool to make jokes about people with problems? Cowardly, maybe.

what do you mean cool? Nothing about AA is "cool" its important and serious.

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