when your drunk and you do stupid things do they mean anything?!

Question: When your drunk and you do stupid things do they mean anything?
Because i told my friend that i was sexy, i was nearly about to grind with a guy and when dancing with girls i kept grabbing them to come closer to me.


Yes, of course it does - it means YOU WERE DRUNK AND DID STUPID THINGS!
It means you are very young and inexperienced in these things. When you're older you'll learn not to do them. Hopefully!
You're not the first person to get drunk and do stupid things but most people learn not to.

Sometimes the grape (wine etc) produces truth. Other times it just reduces inhibitions which can let out the true self of the moment or just provide an opportunity to experiment and perhaps overcome fears. And as for sex and tipsiness....Dorothy Parker said it best i.e. "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."

NO, it doesn't mean anything, when drunk you can do whatever you want and people should understand....... except driving..... or anything that would kill you or anyone else.

Reply to Richard English: cause we're getting in to the drunk mood :P

What the stupidity means is simply that you're drunk. That's what happens when you drink too much. By the way, why can nobody here apparently spell words like "you're" correctly?"

Means nothing. I got really drunk and ended up being pressured into having sex and doing it. So yes means nothing. Be careful next time.

Na, they dont mean anything really and if they did not much and everyone including myself would forget about it the next day anyway.

The stupid things you do when YOU'RE drunk usually only mean something to those you do it with or to.

"In Vino Veritas" - In wine truth.

Ancient Wisdom

Means your drunk and having fun?

well you're drunk
that's normal to lose your control

it could mean you end up locked in a cell for the night

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