I'm not getting drunk?!

Question: I'm not getting drunk?
I'm 13 years old. I've never really drank before. Don't ask why, but today I had around half a bottle of Svedka. It was like, 40-60 minutes ago and other than my mouth tasting like rubbing alcohol smells nothing happened. At all. As in, I have no drinking experience and am a confused person. :/

Yeah, it was stupid, I'm underage, yadayadayada...but seriously..does this happen to anyone else?


Well for one a 13 year old shouldn't be drinking. You would be puking if you drank half a bottle of any kind of liquor because your young and have no tolerance for alcohol. I would say you didn't drink actual alcohol. The first time I drank was a bottle of jack daniels and I was toast. So if anything it was watered down beyond belief.

maybe you feel it but don't know it, there is no way you can drink a half bottle of vodka and not feel anything

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