How to buy weed without family finding out?!

Question: How to buy weed without family finding out?
Ok well in highschool my sister is a grade higher than me and so basically like everyone knows her and all of the older kids.

Well for spring break I wanna buy an ounce of weed. But the only people I know to buy it from she is friends with and I am afraid that for some reason they would tell her. How can I buy it without them like telling her? Or how can I find a different dealer who doesn't go to my school to buy it from?


if u ask them to not tell her im sure they wouldnt, an ounce for spring break sounds good

An ounce of pot is quite a bit. Also, you should check your state's laws on this topic, many states have a certain limit insofar as weight of pot is concerned that's considered a more severe offense if you're caught in possession, a full ounce may be enough in your state. That's probably not something you want to be caught up in.

As far as your sister is concerned. If she's got pot-head friends, what room does she really have to give you a hard time for buying it?

If you live in the ghetto like me... Go outsid and if you see a guy standing on a corner or something say " hook me up"?? Or go to the park, ask the stoner kids at school... What's the bug deal with your sister finding out anyways?? You'll want a dealer over the age of 18 they have the beat deals never buy from a high school kid it's ussualy rely bad weed

It's all about networking. If you try to just find someone you know, you're going to end up with a creepy gangster who will most likely just steal your money. Also, if you're worried about what anyone else thinks, you shouldn't be doing it. You're not mature enough.

Or you could just not buy weed....just a thought.

Weed are for dickheads. Be wise,and stay away from that satan!

look for homeless people who sell it i guess

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