am I already addicted to alcohol?!

Question: Am I already addicted to alcohol?
I've drank sips of margaritas and beer once in awhile since I was 11(My brother kept it in the house and he was a underage drinker so yeah),but 4 days ago I've been drinking a half cup of whiskey and a few sips of liquor...I feel like I don't want to stop,I've even started stealing it from my brother whenever I get a chance,I'm really sick tonight from it....I have a insanely addictive personality(I'm a pill addict and I smoke),and alcoholism runs heavily in my family


Sounds like the beginning of some kind of addiction.

If you want to live past age 42, I suggest you stop.

I think you've answered your own question. :(

Even if you're not 'alcoholic' at this point, if you don't change your behavior, I can all but guarantee you that you WILL be... and probably soon.

I struggle with an addictive personality too. I completely understand what you're saying and where you're coming from. I think you need to spend some time thinking about your plans for the future and what you want to do with your adult life, and if you don't want a life of blackouts, strained and failed friendships and relationships, jail, hospital admissions, health problems, etc... and want a career and healthy life, I think you should find a meeting of AA, or find a counselor or someone who can help you sort out the reason why you're engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

The things I mentioned that COULD happen? All happened to me because of my own issues. Hope you make better choices, sooner than I did. I have health issues now that are probably permanent because of my drinking even though I haven't 'binged' for a VERY long time. Good luck!

Yes, you're addicted. How old are you? You need to get help or you will die or kill someone else. If you are hurting someone because you want a substance (i.e. stealing from someone), you are definitely addicted.

sadly yes. and don't blame your environment it IS possible to say no, you know.

yep you're addicted, I sugest heading to an AA meeting

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