is it bad to party a lot?!

Question: Is it bad to party a lot?
is it bad to party every single weekend and when i say party i mean get trashed and high as hell?


I think no

Yes very bad. You are a very bad individual. You are also a bad influence on little children. Your gonna get in trouble with law and dont have a future and sit in jail.

Not only is it bad for your health to get trashed every weekend.
But also bad for your dignity.

very bad, it takes a toll on your brain, organs, liver, etc ... your wallet also !!

your 2 beers on a saturday night wont hurt you but hopping behind the wheel of a car and slamming it into someone Driving in the other lane will ruin your life when ur locked up in prison

I promise you your life will begin to decline in some regard. Be a kid and have fun... in moderation.

yes.! thats awkwarderly discusting.

my sister.

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