Why am I a WEIRD drunk?!

Question: Why am I a WEIRD drunk?
Why am I a WEIRD drunk? Like, I don't just get a little happier, I act completely weird, stupid, etc. - not like alot of other people when they're drunk.


keep off the grog - its addictive and it obviously doesnt agree with you. Get off the wagon while you can. One other thing its best not to mix diff types of alcohol so if you like to wine drink wine all night rather than have a wine and then a cocktail and then a beer

Because you should never drink.
You will likely be an alcoholic within 3 years if you are already being "weird" about it.
If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch, lil puppy.

38 yrs of heavy drinking

well it is just normal some people need to drink a lot to get all drunk and weird that is it it just takes you one or two to get all yuppiiiiii :)


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