What is the best way to lose a beer belly?!

Question: What is the best way to lose a beer belly?
can you tell me the best exercises to lose weight around the belly area, bare in mind i am over weight so i cant do a really hard work out, it makes me feel sick for e.g jogging/running/swimming


1. For effective abdominal exercises to make restricted diet reduced the use of the method, not only can not achieve the role of strong abdominal muscles, it will affect their health. And take part in physical exercise such as running, hiking, biking, swimming, playing, etc., will enable the reduction of abdominal fat.
2. The appropriate diet to eat less sugar, starch, animal fats, in order to eat seven full for the degree, which can promote the consumption of body fat.

3. More abdominal fitness Trader legs while sitting, holding a weight behind us, lifting heavy objects to the head, and breath abdomen, upper arms relaxed, hands behind back, while breathing, relax the abdominal muscles , repeatedly done 8-12 times; two ankle try to be, lying on the mat, feet fixed, hands on their heads straight, hard and sat up, touch toes, then slowly pour the upper body, repeatedly done 10; both hands on the door frame, the body suspended, and then forced the abdomen, legs straight on the move, the legs and trunk at 90 degrees Celsius, stay a while and then slow down recovery, repeated 5-10 times; natural standing, left hand tap the abdomen, right hand behind his head.
Slowly inhale the abdomen, while the left hand inward abdominal pressure, hold for a gas, and then exhale, gradually relax the abdominal muscles and arching forward, repeated 10 times.

Stop eating snacks with your beer. They are the source of the calories; beer itself is not especially fattening. An Imperial Pint of beer contains around 180 calories; a large packet of peanuts about 500 calories.

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