what is special brew?!

Question: What is special brew?
it was in the shop it looks quite tasty but what is it


its a very strong alcohol content beer and it tastes like poison, its usually seen in the hands of drunken street bums in glasgow

Carlesberg Special Brew. Carlesberg is a very big Danish brewing company that makes some good beers, Special brew is a strong beer. 9%.

A very strong beer by carlsberg, very leathal if you drink too much. Tastes like regular beer but stronger. not that tasty.

As has been said, by Carlsberg and not all that good. Real Ale, cask or bottled, is the best beer available in England (and I reckon even the world).

Beer/lager that sacrifices taste for alcoholic content.

its a really strong beer my piss head of a friend drinks it all the time. don't buy it tastes nasty !!!!!!!

very strong lager for the unfussy

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