What would happen if you constantly drinked Mountain Dew?!

Question: What would happen if you constantly drinked Mountain Dew?
What would happen if you constantly drank Mountain Dew and Diet Mountain Dew. But you drank water every now and then?


The regular Mountain Dew contains about 4 tsps of sugar, so it will eventually rot your teeth..!

It is possible to morph into Jaba the Hutt. First you begin to put on weight. You dont notice it very much because you are having multiple teeth removed. The pops/sodas are just as busy eating your teeth as you are drinking the liquid tooth-rot. Seriously it is not health and does lead to more tooth decay then you might think.

Various not-good things.

Check out these links about just one of those not-good things:

My neighbor did drink a lot of mountain dew but didn't drink enough water and she ended up with a bad case of kinney stones. She is still skinny

Your grammar deteriorates.

you will become a fatty fatty fat face.

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