Will I Get Searched At A Festival?!

Question: Will I Get Searched At A Festival?
I'm 17 and going with 2 friends to Lounge On The Farm 2011. We bought adult tickets and all have really good fake I.D's. It's not a major age gap between 18, which I am in August anyway, but I was just wondering how many people get searched. We were going to bring a couple of crates each over the five days.

We were also going to bring some weed with us, so was just wondering how likely it is to be found out.




I have no information for that particular place but can offer you the story of my boyfriend's experience of going to a festival not long ago. He took vodka in a pop bottle but was stopped at the entrance and informed that no open bottles were allowed in and was told to drink it or get rid of it. Needless to say he drank it and spent the rest of the day off his head aided by several other substances that happened to be around.

Can't say if you'll be searched or not or even allowed to take drinks in, best check. The weed should be okay unless they have specially bred weed addicted dogs who'll try and befriend you or sit at your feet begging for a bit giving the game away.

Hope you get in get away with it and get off your heads on it. :)

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