can running or exercise make you sober quicker?!

Question: Can running or exercise make you sober quicker?
Hi just out of pure interest can you sober up quicker by running? or exercising? was thinking because it takes about 1 hour per average person to get rid of the alcohol content of 1 pint of average beer? Take into account im only on about 1 pint of alcohol.
I.e you live in a country with zero tolerance to alcohol and you drink 1 beer.
And please trolls don't say "well just don't drink in the first place" as your comment will not be welcome and will be reported
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No it doesn't, your liver has to metabolise the alcohol before you become sober, and as you say it's around one unit of alcohol per hour, this it does at a remarkably constant rate and there's absolutely nothing you can do, eat or drink that will make it work any faster, any tales you've heard to the contrary are of the 'old wives' variety.

If you know any policemen, ask them about the laughs they get watching drunks exercising like mad in their prison cells before their blood tests.

Alcohol rehab employee.

Exercise DOES help the body process the effects out quicker, because it gets the blood flowing quicker. (Which is why they say to avoid all unnecessary movement with a snakebite.) But I'm unsure by exactly how much.

it could prentally be dangrous e.g running into a road but the only thing that will help is time so go to bed and sleep it off no raw eggs no miracal drink the ONLY thing thats helps is time

I don't think you should try running while you are drunk. Could cause an accident.

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