Is it okay to have one beer a day?!

Question: Is it okay to have one beer a day?
Is it healthy or unhealthy?

Will it kill brain cells? Or does only getting drunk kill brain cells?


One beer a day is a very modest quantity. Assuming you mean the standard US beer that is rather less than one Imperial pint. I have drunk two Imperial pints most days for the past 50 year and I am still hale and hearty.

Take no notice of those who claim that beer is fattening - it has far fewer calories than the snacks that most people eat with the beer. I am 5'11" and weigh 11.5 stone (161 pounds).

Good beer (not US mass-market beers) are full of nutrients and are even better for your health than is red wine.

here is a question very similar to yours I think it will answer yours to hope it helps.

No, but it can give you a beer-belly.
BUT a glass of wine everyday is actually healthy for you

One Beer a day is FINE... BUT, getting DRUNK evey day. is Very BAD!

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