Which is worse: drinking a lot of beer everyday or the equivalent whisky?!

Question: Which is worse: drinking a lot of beer everyday or the equivalent whisky?
Which is worse: drinking a lot of beer everyday or the equivalent whisky?
Cheap beer has anywhere from 4-6% alcohol. Whisky is usually around 40%. Let's say someone drinks 6 12 oz. beers a day. Over time, this would prove to be unhealthy. Now, what is someone drinks 6 shots of Whisky(or any hard alcohol).
This would be the equivalent(more or less) of alcohol content with a lot less actual liquid.
Which is worse in the long run?


Beer raises blood sugar where whiskey lowers it. Beer has a lot of calories in it and whiskey has less calories in it. Beer drunk is kind of a sloppy drunk and whiskey is a cleaner, more sophisticated drunk.

I'd rather drink whiskey than beer.
Then again not drink any.

From the standpoint of a typical 21st century American drinking 6 shots of whiskey is healthier than 6 beers because beer has lots of unfermented sugar and more calories.
However, if you were a starving person or malnourished not getting certain nutrients, calories, and protein in your diet the beer is better for you because it has those things whereas whiskey is just basically wood flavored ethanol.
Alcohol is alcohol.

You are not going to get the "one is better than the other" answer here... they are both bad if you drink them every day in excess... but I would bet the Whiskey has a harsher effect and will cause the damage much faster in your life...like liver disease, cancer, kidney disease, not to mention night sweats, sleep disorders, and chronic fatigue. Yeah, it takes a while for these things to creep up but eventually they do... and seeing how young you are, I would guess it will start right around 36 years of age.

Alcohol in social settings or on occasion is acceptable. Drinking every day in excess will kill you. Simple as that.

The beer has more calories and volume, so you are likely to get fat and drunk, as opposed to just drunk. Drinking in moderation can be healthy. That is 1-2 drinks per day. 6 drinks a day is an alcoholic.

Either way you are doing something unhealthy. That is too much alcohol period. A glass of wine with dinner is probably be a much better option.

they are both bad choices.

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