Tips to stop me being and feeling sick after drinking alcohol?!

Question: Lots of parties comming up. Just wondered are there any tips or do you even know WHY i feel so sick after drinking alcohol. I try not to mix my drinks but that doesnt seem to stop it. please help because its ruining all the fun !

Answers: Lots of parties comming up. Just wondered are there any tips or do you even know WHY i feel so sick after drinking alcohol. I try not to mix my drinks but that doesnt seem to stop it. please help because its ruining all the fun !

How to avoid a hangover
So, you want to go out and have fun but you don’t want the dreaded hangover that usually follows. Obviously limiting how many drinks you down is the best prevention, but what about those nights with the college buddies who keep you out for more pops than you can handle? Following these simple tips you can minimize or eliminate the payback the next morning.

Before you go out be sure to eat some food. It will slow down your drinking and also the absorption of alcohol. Heading out on an empty stomach will cause the effects of alcohol to set in very quickly, and you will feel it the next day.

H2O, agua, liquid ice; water is the most important hangover prevention there is. Alcohol is diuretic; it causes you to expel more water than you take in. This dehydrates the body and causes most of the effects of a hangover. The key here is to drink as much water as you can before, during, and after you drink. Before bed slam down as many glasses of water as humanly possible and it will work wonders for you. Just be prepared to make a few trips to the bathroom during the night.

Another factor in hangover severity is congeners. Congeners are toxic chemicals created in the fermentation process, they cause headaches and sickness when consumed in excess. The amount of congeners varies widely in different kinds of liquor. Bourbon, whiskey, and other dark liquors have the most, while gin, vodka, and light liquors have the least. Bourbon has about 10 times the amount of congeners found in Vodka or Gin. Stick to the Gin and tonics for a clear head the next day.

The cheap stuff is cheap for a reason, stay with the top shelf or you’ll be sorry in the morning. Low quality beer and booze are less refined and contain more impurities for your liver to deal with. Slamming down Piels or Schlitz is fine when you’re in college and can spend the whole next day recovering, but try explaining the frantic “runs" to the bathroom to your boss.

Many recommend taking painkillers such as asprin and ibuprofen to get rid of the headache, be very careful doing this. Stomach irritation and even liver damage can occur when mixing alcohol with painkillers so you are better off riding out the headache and avoiding more severe problems.

Again, limiting your consumption is the only real hangover prevention, but when the going gets rough these simple steps can make a world of difference. Now try em out and amaze your friends when you go jogging at 8:00 on Saturday while everyone else it still in bed suffering.

Quit the drink. Nothing worse than feeling sick.

eat before you go out
take it steady
alternate between alcohol and soft drinks
drink plenty of water before you go to bed

drink plenty of water

drink less or drink a glass of water between each drink

Don't drink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmm don't drink so much lol. Have a glass of water in between alcohol.

i agree with exotic_
u should quit the drinking
it's not worth it

either dont drink at all or drink milk before you go out

Slow it down, don't drink so much so fast. A lot of the time people get sick from drinking too much too fast. If you're drinking liquor you probably don't realize how much you're drinking because it doesn't hit you until later on. Then all of it hits you at once and makes you sick.

Sleep in and go out for Mexican food when you wake up. You'll feel a lot better. I should know, I'm hungover right now.

Your body's telling you it doesn't want alcohol-some people are allergic!

How fun can it really be if it makes you feel sick?

Try not drinking SO MUCH!!

The best cure is to (it really works) drink chocolate milk before bed, you will not wake up with a hangover !!!!

eat before u go out, drink water in between

drink gatorade when u start to feel sick usually makes the sickness go away dont laugh works all the time for me and my friends

Your body is telling you it doesn't like much booze.

You can either try a substitute, such as zero alcohol or very low alcohol drinks. Many of these have been developed in recent years, and taste surprisingly good.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to get drunk to have a fun time.

Got alot of reasons

stop drinking and never drink again
take a long rest
calm yourself down
tell your self to snap out of it
tell your parents what you have been up to and they will help you out (or you can also ask an adult or a doctor)


The reason you feel so sick after drinking alcohol is that alcohol is technically a poison - therefore you are effectively poisoning your body when you drink a lot of it - which never feels good. Being sick is your body's natural defence to get rid of anything bad inside you; feeling sick is your body reacting to the nasty chemicals that make up alcohol. If you drink a lot of alcohol, you will always get a hangover, no matter what.

To reduce your hangovers you can try eating a big meal before drinking, in order to line your stomach. Eating after drinking is also a good move. It doesn't have to be a greasy takeaway - toast is great. Eating a banana before drinking, before bed and the next morning if you can manage it is also a good hangover helper - something to do with the high levels of potassium in them.

Some people get worse hangovers than others, and many people find that different alcohol types give them different degrees of hangovers. For example, red wine gives me a really bad hangover, but vodka isn't as bad.

If all else fails, try to have at least one or two non-alcoholic drinks during your night out and ALWAYS have a big bottle of water next to your bed when you get home.

The only real way to stop getting a hangover altogether is to watch what you drink (i.e. don't drink so much!!!) You should always know your limits. The limit is when you feel giggly, confident and a bit woozy - not when you can't walk straight, talk properly or even see properly. Very scary...

xx Emmie

ur body obviously cant handle it,its telling u to stop before its to late..
think of ur liver!!!!
it cant speak so its hintin at u by puking it bak up..

ummm oh sh*t... i might actualy take note of my own advice!!!

Haha this happens to me all the time.

Eat before you go out that way you wont get drunk so easily.

Drink some water before you drink the alchohol.

Also try not to drink lots of straight spirtits cause that makes you more sick.

i love wine but if i drink to much it gives me a headache so instead of having lots of glasses of wine i have a few full glass of wine then some wine spritzers lol

if you mix drinks yeah its going to make you sick.

so say if you had some shots then something else have something to eat to line your stomach and maybe some water too.

Hope i helped ^^

1) don't drink so much-that's the easy answer.
2) make yourself drink at least one glass of plain water between each drink. The sickness you feel is a combination of alcohol induced gastritus & dehydration. Drinking the water keeps you hydrated (which helps the body metabolize the alcohol) & will also slow the pace of your consumption
3) If you don't want to do that, drink a full gallon of water & eat 2-6 asprin before you go to bed. breakfast after a hard night of boozing should include lots of protien & fat (bacon & eggs).

Eat Chocolate during the night....just a square at a time and before you got to bed as it soaks up the chemicals and stuff that makes ya feel sick but you still stay merrily pissed!!! i had the same prob this works for me tho xxxx

if i eat a mcdonald's cheeseburger before i drink (gross, i know, but it works!) then i'm not as hung over the next day. combine that with a lot of water before you go to bed, and you should be set.


make sure you have eaten at least 2 hours before you start drinking and this is a good tip also,drink at least half a pint of milk before you go lines your stomach

STOP DRINKING SMART ONE!!!!!! a bit is probably fine but if u drink like everyday even if 4 a bit everyday its going to cost u. im not saying to never drink it but u have "lots of parties comming up", so dont drink at all of them.

i guess u could try drinking water

just keep drinking, eventually you'll just pass out

There's a good article at the site listed below that covers just about everything Basically:

Eat well before drinking. Food high in fat, protein and carbohydrates not only slow down alcohol absorption, but help prevent the low blood sugar condition that alcohol can cause.

Drink plenty of non-alcoholic beverages in between the alcoholic ones. This will reduce the dehydration that alcohol causes.

Be careful of what you drink. Nasty chemicals called congeners occur naturally in all fermented drinks. The general rule is that darker drinks, such as red wine, bourbon, scotch, and brandy have more congeners than lighter drinks like white wine, vodka, and gin.

Consume less than one drink per hour. Give your liver a chance to keep up.

Avoid taking aspirin, it is a stomach irritant. Ginger ale may actually help settle your stomach. Likewise Pedialite may help replace the electrolytes that you've lost.

Eat before you drink and do not drink so much that there is only one option for your body but up and out.

Maybe you shouldn't drink so much when you go out. Try drinking a lot of water. If you feel bad the next day, it's probably because you're dehydrated. I drink Pedialyte (for children) to help me feel better.


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