Which is stronger, vodka or rum? Which is worse for a hangover?!


Which is stronger, vodka or rum? Which is worse for a hangover?

Which makes you sick easier?

Answers: In general, they are both 80 proof and contain the same amount of alcohol.
However, 151 proof rum exists (Bacardi 151) and Absolut just came out with Absolut Black, which is 100 proof. 99 Bananas is 99 proof rum flavored with banana. Malibu and Captain Morgan are both weaker than regular rum.
In regards to the hangover:
You get hangovers from a few things: dehydration and vitamin depletion, excess sugar consumption, impurities in the alcohol, etc.
There are many ways to drink both liquors without getting a hangover, but in general vodka will be your best bet, for the following reasons:
1. High end vodkas like Grey Goose, Belvedere, Chopin, and others are distilled several times and filtered several times, thus removing many of the impurities in the liquor. Aged rums are also higher end and will generally give you a lesser hangover than something sweet or flavored like Captain Morgan or Bacardi light.
2. Rum is made from sugar cane. Vodka is made from various things (grapes, potatoes or wheat depending on the brand, rice if it's Japanese-- called shochu.) Sugar content is one of the primary factors related to hangovers. What you choose to mix with the liquor is also important. High sugar/chemical containing mixers are BAD. i.e., Sour mix (probably the worst), coke/diet coke, cranberry juice (which contains a lot of added sugar). Pineapple juice is your best bet because it generally does not contain added sugar, but beware the brand. Opt for Dole or fresh squeezed anything if you can. Also avoid schnapps (peach in Sex on the Beaches, apple in Apple Martinis, triple sec in kamikazes, etc.) It is loaded with sugar and generally very cheaply made. Even better, enjoy the vodka straight up or with soda water and a splash of juice. Flavored liquors (Stoli O, Bacardi Limon) also have higher sugar contents.
3. Vodkas are currently available which contain Vitamin B (Bong Spirit for example though there are others). However, taking a B multivitamin before you go to bed will definitely help you in the morning. Also drinking a glass of water for every drink (no, the ice melting in your vodka cranberry does NOT count) will be very helpful as well. For those out there who think Red Bull is helpful because of it's vitamin content-- the sugar and chemicals in it severely counteract any benefit it might do and it is NOT good for you.)

Vodka is also lower calorie and lower carb, especially those made from grapes (like Grey Goose is partially). Good luck! Source(s):
Master bartender for many years, master drinker for many more. Vodka is stronger for me and gives me a killer hangover! All alchohol makes me sick if I have more than three...I'm a lightweight. The liquor isn't what makes you sick, it's what you mix it with, the more sugar the mixer has, the worse your hangover will be. Just be sure that if you start with liquor end with liquor, but if you start with beer you can have liquor just not vice versa. depends on the rum or vodka, If you go with 151 vs Espiritus, the two strongest that are commonly known, Espritus takes it at 180 prof. Keep in mind neither of these two could be considered flavorable.
If you go with my favorites you have Grey Goose Vodka 80 prof against Captain Morgan private stock also at 80 prof. Long story short both

as far as the hangover it all depends on how your body reacts, but generally top shelf vodka is easier, however **** vodka will make you suffer the next morning. The same goes for Rum. Generally (but not always) vodkas will be stronger than rums. I've found that the clearer the alcohol, the less sick you feel the next day. Vodka or Light rum would be better than dark rum. My personal fav, vodka, hands down Depends on the proof of the individual brand. Remember that the "Proof" is twice the alcohol content. 80 proof Vodka is 40% alcohol.
Usually rum is the stronger of the 2. Rum will definitely cause worse hangovers, more sugar plus the alcohol. Also depends on what you're mixing it with. Anything with sugar and/or caffeine, i.e Red Bull, is PURE hangover fuel. it really actually depends. Some flavored vodkas are down to 70 proof (35% alcohol) which is about most rums. Regular vodka is usually 80 proof (40% alcohol).

In regards to hangovers, vodka is the purest form of alcohol, there are no phosphates in vodka, which are responsible for dehydrating u. A hangover is simply dehydration in an advanced form. Drinking vodka over rum would be your best bet to avoid a hangover, and another tip is to drink on a full, or party full stomach, and hydrate well b4 going out for the night.

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