********** URGENT!!!!!!!!************* chicken breast de-freezing************ ten points?!

Question: ********** URGENT!!!!!!!!************* chicken breast de-freezing************ ten points?
hey i have 2 15 inch chicken breast AND I FORGOT TO TAKE THEM OUT OF THE Freezer. i need to cook them before 5:00 pm TODAY. i am just running freezing water on them. will i have enough time to cook them ??? if not how can i speed up the process???
THANK YOU SOO MUCH , I just want to make a special dinner for my mom before she comes home :)


I usually soak them in warm water in the sink, they should thaw out in a matter of 10 minutes or so. and yes, it's safe to do that, just wash your chicken thoroughly after thawing.
REASON: microwaving uncooked chicken does not kill the bacteria in chicken, the chicken will get hard and tough, it will dry your chicken out also.
And yes, I forgot to tell you to put the chicken in a ziplock bag when you put it in the sink.

Not knowing what time zone you're in, you have 2 options. Keep running cold tap water over them (in a ziplock, not just on the meat) if you have about 5 hours.

If you're really short on time, I just put them in a ziplock, take out all the air possible, and put them in a big pan of hot tap water, turning the bag and changing out the water often, until they're soft. It's not officially recognized as food safe, but if you're cooking them right after, you'll be fine. I do it all the time.

Supposedly, you can microwave them on defrost, but my chicken always starts cooking one the outside before it's defrosted through, even on defrost, so I don't do that. That'd be the very last resort.

Depending on what you are going to do with them you could cook them from frozen.
But thawing in cold water will work as well. It will not take long.
If you are going to make a gumbo, jambalaya you can cut up the chicken as it is now and cook it. If you plan on coating it and baking it just coat it as it is and bake. You will have to adjust cook time a bit but not much. I would lower the temperature by 25 degrees and bake a bit longer. The lower temperature will prevent it from drying out.

I'm all for the warm water defrost method. Microwaves can defrost but they start to par-cook things a bit. With ground beef that's ok, chicken, not so much. Put the breasts in a ziploc baggie, smoosh the air out of the baggie, set it in a shallow bowl with warrm-ish water. (Almost too chilly to take a shower but warm enough to not want to drink the water.) It shouldn't take long at all to defrost and you should be fine.

Other alternative stop at the store buy a couple of fresh breasts and save the frozen for another meal, another day. Just a thought...

You de-frost frozen foods. de-frreze is not the right word.

What do you mean 15 inch breasts. That is a HUGE chicken breast. Do you mean 1.5 inch thick?

You also can not run freezeing water overr them since it would then become ice. So you are running cold water on them.

You can put them in the microwave on defrost for a couple of minutes.

There are Tons od casserole ideas out there for Cream of Mushroom soup. Just use google. I don;t use the canned soups myse3lf so I can;t help you there.

Fill the biggest pot you have with tap water, place the breast in the water and let them soak for 30 minutes; change the water and soak for an additional 30 minutes; you may have to repeat this process a third time, but three times should be enough to defrost them.

i done this the over week and forgot and i put,
them on the radiator for 1/2 an hour, then i gave up and microwaved,
them, alls u need to do is put them on a plate and microwave them around,
30-40 seconds at a time. x

Put them in the microwave on the Defrost setting, flipping them periodically or whenever your nuker says to do so. Instructions based upon weight of the meat are usually printed on a sticker inside your m/w.

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