How do you make pot brownies?!?!

Question: How do you make pot brownies?!?
Is it easy?


yea you should just buy the philsbury brownies theyre really easy to make you jzt need melted butter or oil, water , and eggs
you jst blend everything then bake it
ooh... and ji0 loves you ur answer waz really harsh and stupid


Go on the internet and look for normal brownie recipe, where it says add butter what you want to do is melt the butter in a pan, add the weed and cook for about 3 minutes. Then allow butter to cool before you add it to the recipe. Then carry out the instructions for normal brownies. The amount of weed depends on how much you usually put in a draw and how many brownies you want to make. I'd say about the amount of weed you would put in a spliff will do for about 6 brownies as it's stronger when ingested. Good luck :D

The people I know that have made pot brownies usually use butter to extract the THC. I found what appears to be an even better method using cooking oil. Check out the link below. I would not object to receiving samples!

Note: The method here uses oil, which does not burn as easily as butter. It also calls for straining out the plant material. If you extract the THC from the cannabis, you have no need for the plant fiber.

I'd never heard of pre-cooking it in butter, but the others may be right. What you DO want to do is process the product so that it will be as ground up as possible. No one wants plant shreds in the brownies, no matter WHAT the plant is.

Obviously the pot will need to be oven safe. Make sure that it does not have a plastic handle or any other part that will melt.

there's this crazy new tool out that can help out with this very thing. It's called google.

It works, usually.

buy a box of instant brownies
add walnuts, maybe some chocolate chips, weed to the mix

i agree with mopar

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