Oh my goodness! What am I going to do?!?!?!

Question: Oh my goodness! What am I going to do?!?!?
So anyway my mom is expecting mr to make dinner and i told her i had everything planned which i did!!! My friend was there and was going to help me so we printed out the recipe (sour cream chicken enchilada). Anyway so she had a hair appointment, and said she was jut getting trimmed so we still had time to make it because she has the main ingredient..chicken!!! And so she went and i texted her after an hour how ya doing are you heading home cause i want to start cooking soon and she said idk if ill make it and it turns out we don't have the chicken so..idk. I freaked so now my mom will come home and there will be no food and my mom trusts me alot!!! So I don't know what to do!! She just texted me she may have some chicken in her freezer and i should go see(shes my next door neighbor). But idk how to get in her house. Anyway what should i do?!?!? And i cant drive, and i dont want to tell her to ask her mom to get chicken breasts on the way home!! Help!!!!


Sydney-Ok, so here's the deal. If you don't have chicken, you don't have chicken. Use what you do have around the house. If you have ground beef in the freezer, that is really easy to take from the freezer, while it's still in the package run under tap water to loosen it up. Put it in a nonstick frying pan with a little oil and turn it on med. low heat. As it starts to thaw, chop it up with a wooden spoon. Season it and set it aside. When it cools a little then use it in place of the chicken. If you don't have ground beef, maybe you'll have grated cheese. Cheese enchiladas are great too. Don't worry too much if you have to make something else. Egg omlets are easy and quick. It will all work out! If all else fails, order out for pizza or Chinese and make the sour cream chicken enchiladas tomorrow.

I'm a personal chef.

Look around in your pantry and fridge and see what you do have. Breakfast for supper is always fun and easy. Make pancakes and just enjoy having a meal together. Learn from this to check to make sure you have all the ingredients you need before you decide on a dish.

substitute a different type of meat or instead of chicken use a couple cans of beans, rinse and drain them first of course. That will add protein and stay along the spanish lines,

You have cheese right? Just fill them with cheese instead of chicken. YOu don't HAVE to have chicken them. Lots of people eat cheese enchiladas, I even made sour cream ones that had no meat in them and they were fine.

Well, does it have to be chicken? Can't u twist the ingredients about and turn it into beef or something? It's worth a try even though it's not the original recipe...good luck

Text her back and ask how to get in her house. Then, just defrost chicken in the microwave- it won't take but a few minutes.

Use you initiative and make something else.
There must be heaps of stuff in the cupboard or fridge.
Do steak and eggs and homemade fried chips.

Chill out please. It is just food.

I say do what Chrinstine said! Cheese enchilada's are yummy!

make scramble eggs and fold them into the mix. Eggs el rancho

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