What can I do with pesto sauce if I don't like it ?!

Question: What can I do with pesto sauce if I don't like it ?
It was alright not what a lot of people made it out to be...at least not to me

I felt it was a bit salty and bland


Alot of people don't like pesto because it has a strong flavor. You can give it to a friend, or, freeze it, then defrost and put on crostini with parmesan or mozarella cheese (broil to melt) for an appetizer.

Pesto isn't bland unless it's made incorrectly. Fresh basil is a wonderfully rich, verdant, strong flavor, and good olive oil, parmesan cheese, and walnuts or pinenuts only add to that. You must have oversalted and used poor herbs.

Try mixing a spoon of your version into spaghetti sauce. Try it as a sandwich spread, or a base for crostini toppings.

The more you thin it out by adding other things to it the less salty it will be, next time use way less salt. Salt's bad for you anyway.

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