Is food cooked with alcohol OK for kids?!

Question: Is food cooked with alcohol OK for kids?
I was wondering if we put in Alcohol (Beer/Wine) in food while cooking, can we let the kids eat it?


Made properly, foods cooked with alcohol are perfectly safe to serve youngsters. The dish should be cooked long enough, usually several minutes, for the alcohol itself to evaporate, leaving only harmless trace residues and the concentrated flavor of the wine or beverage used

It is likely to be fine, but there may still be a residue of alcohol. Alcohol will burn off depending on the temperature, the time, and the volume of the ingredients however there is likely to be a small amount of alcohol remaining.

From what I understand from the home brewing blogs, when making a small batch of alcohol free beer you need to heat the fermented beer for approximately half an hour at 180 degrees Celcius which would reduce say a 5% ABV beer to a 0.05% ABV beer.


its completely untrue the alcohol cooks out, but the amount of alcohol in the food is minimal

say you make some stew with red wine, that is 15% alcohol content, and you use 1 cup, in the stew, which ends up to be 12 cups:

there is 5% alcohol left in the stew afer 2.5 hours, so thats only 0.75% alcohol divided by 12, is 0.06% ending result.

this is not enough to affect anyone, even a child

Greetings. If you make a cassarole for instance, the beer or wine will be burned off and so no alcohal remains. The taste of it will be there and it will be safe for kids to eat.


I wouldn't see the problem. Alcohol burns off at a pretty low temperature. As long as you do not apply the alcohol after the dish is prepared I wouldn't see the issue.

Technically it should not but alcohol evaporated during cooking, so what the matter.


most of it is cooked off anyway

My mom has cooked with wine and other stuff and it tastes fine for me.
Not like I get drunk or anything.

Yes. Once it is cooked it no longer has the same effect.

Yes, it is fine. The alcohol burns off.

Yes, but not too much.


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