Can you boil precooked corned beef?!

Question: Can you boil precooked corned beef?
I am trying to make a traditional New England boiled dinner (potatoes, onion, cabbage, and the corned beef) but I picked up a precooked CB. Obviously, it does not need to be boiled for 4 hours. But how can I get the same effect of the flavors melding, if I don't boil the meet with the veggies? Would boiling ruin the precooked beef? The internet has been no help on this particular topic.


Yes... It makes it tender. but don't forget the cabbage, carrots and potatoes too! I can already smell the boiled dinner cooking now! I am so hungry...

Contrary to what the others say you can boil it so the flavor is combined with the vegetables. that is how MOST people do it... Its neither right or wrong. Thanks for the thumbs down people.

i would not boil.
put in the oven with a little water and cover with foil to prevent it from drying out.
i always cook the cabbage and red potatoes in water in a big pot
i always slow bake my corned beef separately
then when the cabbage is done
i drain the water
i saute onion in butter then mix into the the cabbage and potatoes
tastes , so much better that way

If it's precooked, then there is no need for boiling. However, I would add some fresh bay leaves and some peppercorns to the liquor, because those precooked ones are pretty generic as far as taste goes, so you'd refresh the taste a bit.

Boiling the meat won't "ruin" the meat but it will probably make it extremely tough. What you could do is add the cold corn beef in about an hour before it is done and it should leech some of the flavor out and still be ok and not tought. hope this helps

put it all in a pan on the stove and heat it up

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