My dog ate a tiny bit of curry sauce, is it dangereous?!

Question: My dog ate a tiny bit of curry sauce, is it dangereous?
I was serving curry sauce and about a pinch of it fell down and my yorkie ate it. Is that something i should worry about? Sincebthe sauce had onion, garlic and obviously curry.


Since it was only a little it shouldn't hurt your dog. I know onions are really toxic to dogs but they'd have to consume about 1/4 of an onion to have detrimental effects. Your dog will be fine.

A dog question in food & drink
(a tiny pinch)
AND he eat it - - so what's new - dogs will eat anything You do
dogs will dig up and eat onions (garlic? ? )
I don't know any thing about curry - - but is the worst - the runs ?
Good Luck

Dogs are scavengers they are made to eat anything.

I think the dog will be fine..............

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